About UsSelect a Property Manager is the easiest way to find a Property Manager

Select a Property Manager makes it easier and faster for property owners to find and select reputable property managers that suit their requirements.

Select a Property Manager also benefits property managers. It increases their exposure to property owners actively looking for a property manager and allows them to receive enquiries from property owners without incurring any expense or effort, allowing them to focus on great service.

As well as profiling their services, we ask participating property managers to provide factual information that helps property owners find the best property manager for them.

Information such as whether they have audited trust accounts, the number of property managers they have and the number of properties they manage, provide property owners with objective information to assess property managers.

We also ask participating property managers whether they are members of organisations such as Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ –www.lpmnz.com) or the Independent Property Managers Association (IPMA –www.ipma.org.nz). And whether they have won any awards for their service or business.

We are an independent web business with no history as property managers. We have no affiliations or bias when it comes to accepting a reputable property manager onto the Select a Property Manager website. And the website provides completely independent suggestions for potential property managers.

Our expertise is web marketing. Combined, we have over 30 years of digital and web marketing experience and we use this to offer a service that benefits both property owners and property managers.